How to build sales trafic the e-w@y

Selling to a market using the conventional sales power and tools are expensive and not really efficient. But what is a better idea to create sales traffic and more leads without the dailly struggle to call people?

How often did you receive a call form a sales person on NOT the right time with NOT the right solution .. but when you needed the solutions , you didn’t remember his name or even no idea how to find him also .. can this be history?

YES, but this takes time but most of all ”balls” to tell people in charge to make the change.

First of all you need to build trust with your target group and not try to oversell you’re solution. People buy from people they trust and the more thet get to know you; they trust you and you can start selling  the solution.

Instead of calling, you spread you’re knowledge and share it with you’re target by a newsletter. This newsletter must be of interest to the targetgroup, or even if there are topics within the newsletter which doesn’t have link with your solution. This creates a feeling that YOU are interesting! Use twitter and Facebook to start communicating and settup a “blog” with the most common tool WordPress.

Continue with the message and send/ create good content; before you know, they start to call you to ask you how to solve a problem – and that problem can be solved by you’re solution/ product or service  – yahoo!; just be consistent in follow up and answer there question and before you know they buy and share there experience with other people with the same “problem”. You will be the expert in this area ..

This sounds so logical, but will take a lot of effort and time, but this will transform you from a “seller” to a “expert”.  An expert will help the customer to buy the products and services they need.

Good luck with making the change from sales to expert ..