Single Source publishing – How to do this

Single source publishing, also known as single sourcing, allows the same content to be used in different documents or in various formats. The labour-intensive and expensive work of editing need only be carried out once, on one document. Further transformations are carried out mechanically, by automated tools. It may even be possible to add new output formats in the future”

What does it mean for publishers .. keep in mind that your content is the “value”. The idea behind Single Source Publishing is that you can create the content once and distribute it many times – in print, web or mobile. The re-use of content can also be an option to generate extra income. How about use your knowledge and content to “sell” it to commercial companies to use the “trusted source” as a publisher to create more impact .

How to go from Multi to Single Source:

  • Make content digital – XML format
  • Analyse the current editorial workflow – the content producers
  • Organize the most efficient workflow – just use the current tools
  • Build a ROI case for excisting content products, but also for new opportunities!
  • Select a tool for creating and publishing the content
  • Do IT – it is worth the effort to invest time and money to adapt new tools for delivering new content models

There is a huge amount of info available online regarding Single Source Publishing, but feel free to give me a call or skype .. it gives you a jump start!